A bit of critical thinking,  a bit of humor, a bit of beauty.

I've always judged books by their covers, that's why I became a journalist and a graphic designer. 

My services

I write texts, read tarot, give advice, make jokes, help friends, and sell my art online. I've worked as an interpreter for missionaries, Twitter writer for Ivete Sangalo, magazine reporter, photographer, guesthouse manager, mother of a boy, social media specialist, content creator, model,  cooker, marketer, and now my new passion is graphic design.

About Me

Journalist by heart, graphic designer by art expression, adventurer by the addiction due to extreme situations that life has accustomed me to, and a clown to be able to run away with the circus if necessary. I know how to make my dreams come true and I hope I can encourage others to make theirs using my skills and sensibility.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Albert Einstein